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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to clean my rug?   Our typical turn around time for rug cleaning is 2 weeks.

How will my rug be cleaned?  A Clean Solution inspects every rug to determine it’s condition and specific issues that exist.  This lets us know which of our 4 cleaning processes will be best suited for the rug.

Do you use harmful chemicals on my rug?  A Clean Solution does not use any harmful chemicals such as chlorine or dichlor in our cleaning process.  All of our cleaning agents are matched for the fiber content of the rug.

Do you clean rugs that have pet urine in them?  A Clean Solution specializes in cleaning rugs with pet urine and odors.  We have developed a cleaning process that allows us to guarantee pet urine odor removal.

Do my rugs need moth protection?  Yes.  Moths are very destructive to wool and silk rugs.  It is very important to protect wool rugs before moths lay their eggs in the month of May (for our area).  A Clean Solution can apply moth repellant to protect your woven treasures.

Will my rug be cleaned by itself?  A Clean Solution cleans each rug individually.  We do not use or recommend the use of multi-rug wash tubs.

Do stain protector really work?  Yes.  Without protection, the fibers are open to any environmental contaminates.  Our stain protector penetrates the fibers to repel soils and spills Without causing any color or texture changes.

Do you pickup and deliver?  Yes.  We offer pickup and delivery services.  This service is free in some areas.  Call for specific details.