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Professional Carpet Cleaning vs. Doing It Yourself

Sunday, September 30, 2012

So your carpet needs to be cleaned.  Now the question, do you hire a professional or do you go to the store,  rent a machine, buy needed supplies, bring them home and do it yourself?

Lets say the house has 3 bedrooms, a hall, 1 set of stairs and a living room that needs to be cleaned.  Lets say that the carpet has the usual traffic areas and an assortment of spills and soils that will need to be removed.

OK, you decided to do it yourself.  Lets look at the initial cost.

The machine $25

The cleaning agents and tools $55

So far $85, now you have to go get the stuff and bring it home.  This could take an hour of time plus gas cost.

OK, you have everything back home, now you have to unload it and take it inside.

First, prepare all of the areas to be cleaned (move small items from floor, move requires furniture, vacuum carpets)

Now, read the instructions to make sure everything is done correctly.  Fill the machine with the hottest water you can find (generally 120 degrees from the tap) and mix the cleaning agents.  Oh yes, for the upstairs, fill the machine up there.

I guess I should mention the fact that at this point you are not sure if the machine you just rented was cleaned and sanitized before you rented it.  Anyway, lets hope so.

Begin cleaning, make sure to clean until the recovered water is clear.  Don’t forget to treat all of the spots.  And some of those stains will not come out without the use of specialty products that only professionals have.  This can take as long as 45 minutes per room.  We are at 4 hours of work at this point.

Guess what, to finish the job correctly, you need to do the work again only with clean water to rinse the soap out of the carpet.  If this is not done, the carpet will get very dirty very quickly.  Lets say this takes 2 hours.

Now you wait at least 12 hours for the carpet to dry if it dries that fast.  Man, I’m tired just writing this, I can imagine how tired and frustrated you are by this time.  Remember, you can’t put the furniture back in place until the carpet dries or you will have rust stains or furniture bleed stains in the carpet.

OK lets recap $85 and 6 hours of cleaning time and 12+ hours of drying time.  If the carpet doesn’t dry fast enough, you may need to call A Clean Solution to get the mildew smell out.  We have received this call on many occasions.

Now, lets say you call A Clean Solution to do the work.

Begin by doing the same initial prep as before.

When A Clean Solution arrives, we will do a walk through of the areas.  All areas of concern will be noted and addressed.

Baby and pet safe cleaning agents are applied to carpet, we set up our sanitized equipment and begin cleaning using a detergent free hot water (245 degree) rinse.  Our high performance equipment removed 95% of the liquids used on the carpet.  After approximately 2 hours of cleaning, we are finished.  We put the required furniture back on plastic pads of foam blocks.  This way, you can use the furniture.  The first areas we cleaned are nearly dry and the last areas will be dry in just a couple of hours.

The bill for the work will be in the $190-210 range (depending on room size).

Now which of these scenarios will give you the best results with the least headache.

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