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Spot Cleaning Tips!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Here are some quick tips you can keep handy for an immediate spot cleanup!

HOMEOWNERS, BLOT THAT SPOT! Seriously, always blot, never scrub. That’s our motto and I’m sure you’ve heard it before if we’ve had the priviledge to clean your home. Scrubbing creates friction and friction creates heat and heat can cause stains to set, and nobody wants that! Blotting with a cool, damp, white cotton towel will give you some great absorbancy potential, allowing you to soak up the bulk of the spill. You can use your hand OR your foot (or both, if you fancy Twister) to slowly and gently apply pressure to the towel for several minutes.
STEP AWAY FROM THE CLEANER! Most household cleaners and over-the-counter products are really not the sorts of things you want on your carpet. They can be very aggressive and abrasive, causing damage to your fibers and possibly even letting stains set easier and faster! While they may be well intentioned, most cleaners just mask the spot and damage the fibers, leaving a soapy or greasy residue that attracts more soiling over time, making spot “come back.” Rather than risk a permanent stain, its better to use a neutral solution (like a 50/50 mixture of cold water and white vinegar). If this doesn’t do the job, you should call your regular professional cleaner (when you have a minute!). A quality company will have trained and certified technicians who can address the spot much better and with the right tools. Call the Raliegh carpet cleaning team at 919-878-1915

SLEEP ON IT! OK, not really. But it doesn’t hurt to leave a cool, damp, white cotton towel on top of the spot for a few hours, or even over night, if you suspect it might stain or if some residue is left. You can put a handy phonebook or similar weighty item on top of the towel to hold it in place and help absorbtion. Wet carpeting dries from the bottom up, so that wet towel will “trick” the carpet into thinking it’s taller than it really is. It’s a pretty neat trick, as the product will end up in the towel and not your carpet, and we find it alot easier to wash a towel than a carpet!
So there you are, three short, handy tips yo can keep in mind. No matter what kind of spill you encounter, these three steps are the first things you should do! Save your own carpet from “Spots” or be the hero and save a friends!

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