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Hot To Prolong The Life Of Your Carpet

Saturday, March 24, 2012
The best way to prolong the life of your carpet is to have it cleaned by our Raleigh carpet cleaning team using a Truck Mounted Hot Water Extraction (Steam) process on a regular basis (we recommend every 6 to 12 months)
Nobody like a worn, soiled-looking carpet. And I’m sure everyone has heard enough about traffic and wear patterns. Well here are a few tips you can use around your house to extend the wear life of your carpeting for FREE!
And they are easy too!
1. Rearrange furniture often in rooms that receive high traffic.
Some of us fear change, but for others rearranging the furniture is almost a hobby! Either way, altering the flow of traffic through a room will spread out that daily wear and tear, creating a more even appearance and increasing the amount of time it takes wear to show. Plus, it gives you a fresh perspective on things!
2. Change your furnace filter at least monthly, or more often when its dry or dusty.
Indoor air quality is a very hot topic nowadays. As I’m sure you know, your carpeting is also a filter in your house. Maintaining a fresh air filter will help reduce some of the soiling in your carpet. So let the filter do the filtering and let your carpet do the comforting!
3. Consult with the professionals.
Some rooms, homes, or areas have special flooring needs. Make sure each room is optimized to handle its use. Having the right flooring in the right areas will contribute to the overall cleanliness of your home and make cleanings alot easier.
4. Vacuum regularly.
Lets say that again: Vacuum Regularly! This is probably the single greatest controlling factor that decides how long your carpet will last and how quickly it soils. It may not be the most enjoyable task ever, but it is a very important one and can have a suprising effect not just on your carpet, but also on your physical and mental health! Once again, Indoor air quality has been linked to a number of illnesses, diseases and disorders. Keeping your carpet clean and fresh eliminates so many contaminates from your home.
Vacuum at least once a week or more!
5. Quality flooring.
The cheapest carpeting is probably not the best. And while you may not need to shell out top dollar for the fanciest of carpets you should select a quality carpet and a good quality pad. The extra cost up front will save you alot of time and stress later, when you need to quickly replace a cheap carpet that has worn too quickly. And of course, buyer beware. Always check out the dealer and installer and make sure they are a quality company.
6. Avoid abrasive cleaning processes.
There are many types of carpet cleaning available. Abrasion and agitation are what causes carpet to wear. Avoid any processes that use abrasive mechanical brushes and buffers. These processes will cause the carpet to “fuzz”. You more than likely have seen the carpet that the pile doesn’t stand up, they just look fuzzy all over. Excessive abrasion and agitation causes this. I have seen carpets that are worn out, not from use, but from being cleaned using the wrong process.
There you have it! 6 quick tips you can use to keep your home and carpets fresh, clean and healthy in between regular cleanings! Feel free to contact our Raleigh carpet cleaners at 919-878-1915 if you have any questions. Or visit us at www.acleansolutionnc.com.

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